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How to Change the Way You Think About Your Mom Life

Are you feeling Stuck? Lost? Wondering how to change your life for the better, but not sure how to make it happen?

The last couple of years, I struggled with feeling very stuck, not sure how to change, or what to change, or anything, but desiring to move forward to something more. Ready to change my life for the better.

I found a few things incredibly powerful in my journey and had to share them with you. They’ve answered many of my ‘how to change your life for the better‘ questions and I hope you’ll give them a chance the help you to change for the better!

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How To Change the Way You Think About This Mom Life

Quick Look

How To Change the Way You Think About This Mom Life

Mom life is tough. It’s easy to be overwhelmed. But there are so many things that make being a mom a source of real joy.

Managing our thoughts is often the last thing on our mind (pun intended). But when you change the way you think, refocus yourself on the good things and not the difficulties all the time, it’s pretty amazing. Your troubles don’t disappear, but they lose some of their power.

4 Lies that Keep us From Making Change for the Better

Before we can truly change anything, we must KNOW the TRUTH, so that we can easily recognize the lies. Leigh Ann Dutton at Intentional by Grace has created a video-driven e-course on the 4 Lies we Believe that Keep Us from Changing. It’s free, and she very wisely and graciously says right up front that it’s OKAY and IMPORTANT to take your time going through this. Don’t just do the next lesson because it’s the next day. Don’t move on until you’re ready.

Leigh Ann covers some deep ground here but does it so anyone can follow her. She has a real talent for this! Helping others Live Intentionally by the Grace of GOD is her goal, and I think she really succeeds.

First, she addresses “Did God REALLY say that?” We are challenged to know God’s Word, so we can KNOW what is true and what isn’t. Having a Standard of TRUTH to measure everything by is one of the greatest privileges we have as Christians.

It gives us such an advantage because we can then see through the lies. Through the rest of the lessons, we come to see so much about God’s Love, our own blindness, and God’s power available to us in this course. This was such a timely study to change my life for the better, and I think you’ll find it so as well. Sign up here for this free e-course if you’re ready to change for the better by defeating some nasty lies with the truth!

Change The Way You Think About Your Body:

If you’re like most of us (upwards of 90% if the statistics are accurate!), how to change your life for the better seems to revolve around body image. How we see ourselves as women, and the constant comparison going on. Heather Creekmore has written a book called Compared to Who? that dives deep into this subject, and the spiritual battle happening in this zone. I’ve just started reading it, but it’s powerful, and hits a lot of sore spots in all the right ways!!

Another book I’ve read recently that’s been extremely helpful is The Great Sex Rescue! This book tackles some extremely challenging ground. Deconstructing the many harmful teachings among the evangelical church resources on marriage, including body autonomy, that it’s not ‘every man’s battle’, and we should be able to expect husbands to be faithful and not tempted by every passing image. Teenage girls are not at fault for grown men’s choices, submission and sex are both meant to be mutually beneficial, etc.

There’s so much to unpack, and chances are high that you’ll feel much lighter after reading this book. If you’ve spent much time with the popular Christian marriage books, then it’s time to change the way you think and process their messages.

Bible Verses About Changing Your Life for the Better

Whenever I Google “What does the Bible say about_________?” usually the most helpful site is OpenBible. It doesn’t explain anything, just has a collection of appropriate scripture. Today I asked for Bible verses about changing your life, and got this page of results.

Verses like Jeremiah 29:11, Joshua 1:9 and Philippians 4:6-7 top the list. God has a plan, will be with you, be brave and pray… These truly answer the question of how to change your life for the better, if we apply them!

How to Change the Way You Think About Goals

How to Change the Way You Think About Goals

I didn’t really understand how important setting Goals was until recently. I had never done a New Year’s Resolution or anything like that until this year. This year, I was challenged to see more than the immediate, the day to day, and actually make a plan for what I really want out of the future.

Letting life happen to us might be all we can manage sometimes, but learning how to change your life for the better by setting goals and working toward them is powerful, no matter how much or little change for the better happens, you can see your progress, and keep going.

For me, it was things like what I want to teach my sons, what I want my home environment to feel like, the shape of my marriage and finances, etc. and how to get there. This was a big enough deal by itself, but then, Arabah invited me to look deeper. She knows how to change your life for the better, and that God is the only one strong enough to help you with lasting change.

I found Arabah Joy’s site, and her Grace Goals workbook. This 176-page workbook is broken down into several assessments of where you are/have been, followed by 5 workshops that teach the centrality of Grace, and of Seeking God, in successful goalsetting/goal achieving.

Now I Was Ready to Change My Life for the Better

Arabah goes step by step through setting goals, starting with writing down your desires, of course, which I had never done before, then proceeding through a fantastic process that gives so much dimension to the goal, that it actually becomes graspable. I was ready to change my life!

There’s a section on finding your motivation behind the goals, which definitely gives the goals more, somehow. More Meaning and Purpose. More inspiration and incentive to stick with them.

If you are really wanting to change for the better, whether it be in shape, or better at housework, or starting some grand endeavor, I would highly recommend starting with Grace Goals, which will help you get moving towards productive and lasting change for the better, no longer standing around watching things happen, and just drifting along.

How to Change the Way You Think About Goals using Conferences

How to Change for the Better With Conferences

I discovered this conference, and am so excited about it. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved going with my mom to women’s conferences. A chance to get away, and spend time with other Christian women, worship God, and just be girls. Now, as a wife and mother of 2 active boys, it’s harder to get away for more than a few hours at a time.

The Homemaking Ministries Online Conference is entirely online, so I don’t have to GO anywhere. There’s no travel expenses or anything, and there’s a private Facebook group, so we still get to interact with each other, and have more of a chance of connecting with the different speakers, as well, than you might in an in-person event.

The year’s theme when I first found the conference was “Finding Purpose in Your Home” which is something I think we all could benefit from! There are 5 days of the conference, and 23 speakers (including Leigh Ann Dutton and Arabah Joy).

There’s a digital notebook for the conference, and it’s accessible from any internet-capable device. Knowing that these ladies are speaking mostly to busy wives and mothers, they have arranged to give us lifetime access to the recordings of each session, as well as making them downloadable, for those of us who don’t live in town with unlimited internet access! Now that’s how to change your life for the better, making resources extremely accessible!

Did This Change the Way I Think, Personally?

Since you’re here wondering how to change the way you think, you really want to know if this actually yields results. Did my life change for the better? Let me tell you.

Having listened through about half of the sessions now, the amount of actionable, useful information here is incredible. These ladies know their stuff, and are encouragers and cheerleaders, not a hint of “Well, THIS is the only way!” It’s almost all “this is how we do it and it works well, but you’ll need to tweak it for your circumstances and family dynamics.” 

Several sessions on creating routines that get the kids on board, involved, learning, and preparing for independence. 

An Awesome session on Creating family memories (not just capturing them on film, though that’s part of it).

And more than one session on finding the meaning and purpose of the mundane daily routine (it’s pretty cool!)

Finding Purpose in Your Home: 2017 conference is $59.99.

There’s even a Refresh your Routines E-Kit with Printables! This E-Kit walks you through the difference between a schedule and a routine (much more manageable for someone like me!) and gives you practical tools to set yours up.

Prior Conferences are also still Available!

Past conferences are still available, so If you are looking for a particular topic, Check These Out!

2019: Glorify God in the Everyday $59.99

2018: Deep Dive $49.95

2016: Finding Balance in Your Home $39.95

2015: The Ministry of Homemaking $34.95

2014: Homemaking from Scratch $29.95

Are You Ready to Change the Way You Think?

It’s time. Are you ready to change the way you think about your life too?

Each of these on their own stand to make a huge impact on your life, faith, and walk, but combined, well, I feel strongly that they will truly mean complete life change in a big way for each of us.

I hope you’ll consider it, and let me know which Journey(s) you are going to join me on because it’s sure to be an adventure!!

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